Friday, March 31, 2006

Here's a family picture on Kelly's BD! Enjoy all the pictures!! Posted by Picasa
On this past Wednesday, our part of the world got to view an eclipse. We bought some of the special viewing glasses and then I got this fun picture! Posted by Picasa
We went out to eat at one of our favorite places, Hong Kong chinese restaurant. Timo loves the chicken and corn soup! Posted by Picasa
Isn't Lael a cutie?!! Posted by Picasa
Jonathan and Lael are quite a twosome in their strollers. That's also Tori's bike she loves to ride when we get to go to Casa! Our room was just steps away from the ocean...a great place to get away! Posted by Picasa
Here's a couple of pictures of me and my beautiful wife...This was on the boardwalk near the restaurant overlooking the ocean. Amazing view!  Posted by Picasa
Another one on the night of Kelly's BD!  Posted by Picasa
Thought this was cute of Tori pretending to pull Timothy and Paw in this boat. Looks like Timo's trying to paddle some too. These 3 had so much fun! Posted by Picasa
Here's a fun one with Kelly and her folks! Posted by Picasa
Finally got a good shot with Timothy (who seems to act camera shy for any posed picture). Posted by Picasa
Here are some fun pictures of Morton & Suzy... Posted by Picasa
M&S with Jonathan Posted by Picasa
M&S by the beach at Casa! Posted by Picasa
Jonathan is very friendly and we all love his big happy smile! Posted by Picasa
Tori is growing up fast!! Already 7.5 beautiful years old!  Posted by Picasa
Timo has a great profile, I think! This is also a fun picture of him with the beach and ocean in the background. Casa del Papa is a real getaway spot for West Africa! Posted by Picasa
Here's me and my two little men! I love these boys!! Timothy will be 3 in May, and Jonathan just turned 1 in January!  Posted by Picasa
Here's Timo out on the lagoon greeting some folks enjoying the canoe ride. He is also real excited about these grey shorts...because they have pockets! He can put all kinds of things in there. Keys and money (both of which he likes to steal from Daddy) and his rope (so he can be ready to rope a cow). He's a fun little man! Posted by Picasa
Lael and Tori looking cute at Casa! Posted by Picasa

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Lord is good!

My mom and dad are on the plane, due to arrive back in Fort Worth tonight. It was a sweet month of great conversations and lots of hearty laughter. They blessed our family in countless ways everyday and our kids made memories that they will be talking about for the rest of their lives. Tori and Timothy made sure every minute was spent to the maximum and thankfully Paw and Precious had the energy to match their requests. Jonathan and Lael also did their sweet part to make their personalities known...Our last few days at the beach were a lot of fun. Wednesday seemed to sneak up on us all. It was an especially difficult goodbye for Tori and Timothy...and me too! After being together around the clock for almost a month, it is a big thing to try and understand for these little minds, as to why they have to leave and why we live so far away. We have taken alot of pictures and want to add them to the blog soon. Check back in a day or two!

Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday morning Dad went for an early morning bike ride with Tori and Timothy before school. We are squeezing as much as we can into these last few days with Paw and Precious. We will be leaving for the beach tomorrow and will be there until Tuesday when we will go to Cotonou. They fly out on Wednesday. This has been a wonderful month! Posted by Picasa
Thursday afternoon we were invited to Ega's house for a meal. Almost every one who has ever visited our family has shared this experience. Our friendship with Ega obviously runs very deep. (We are in the process of adopting Lael, his 4th child) Here he is with my parents and his 3 children. They are all very precious too us. Posted by Picasa
Praying for Ega and his children Posted by Picasa
Hanging out behind Ega's house Posted by Picasa
I wonder what Timothy is thinking about Posted by Picasa
Outside Ega's house laughing with Mawuhoue. (Ega's second daughter) Posted by Picasa