Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Thanks to SP, check out the new blog clock on the right! Now you can know what time it is in Benin at this very moment (a good reminder for anyone of you feeling compelled to make a late-night phone call our way!)
It was Market Day today! Tori poses with Tim at the major roundabout in town surrounded by the chaos of Market Day (every 4 days). Unforgettable sights, sounds AND a few smells! Posted by Picasa

Tim, Kelly and Tori visited Sossa a full tour of his house. Sossa has worked for us for almost 7 years...started when he was just a kid and now he's married with one son. It's fun to introduce Tim around to all those great friends we have here in Benin Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Today we enjoyed the honor of being received at Ega's house for an afternoon of pure African I told Tim, one time, years ago, after ONLY spending an hour and half with Ega, I told Ega that we were needing to which he responded, "No, not yet." At that point, I realized to really enjoy fellowship with an African brother, we need to spend about 3 hours! So today, we enjoyed a 3-hour time of eating, talking, laughing, gift-exchanging, picture-taking, and prayer with our dear friend, Ega. Every visitor who has come to see us has also enjoyed a meal at Ega's house. There's nothing like it! (those who have experienced it can make your comments here) Posted by Picasa

Tim enjoyed a truly authentic African meal at Ega's house....a full 4-course I'm holding a jiggly corn meal delicacy and Tim is gnawing on what Ega SAID was turkey Posted by Picasa

Tim presented a card and picture from Tim's family....he loved it! (on the left side of the room is Ega's in-home "store") Posted by Picasa
During some of the afternoon, Tori and Timo enjoyed being outside....the neighborhood goat was the favorite attraction Posted by Picasa
Timo loved antagonizing the poor goat who was tied to the tree Posted by Picasa
Timo and I were cutting up some mango this morning (they have just come into season....they are everywhere). He got a big kick out of the core...trying to stab at it with a knife (PARENTS: don't let your children attempt this unless it's for a cute picture for the blog to show their grandparents) Posted by Picasa

My mother's worse nightmare....Timo eating mango with a sharp object! Posted by Picasa
Cute little Lael!! Posted by Picasa
Not the most flattering picture of Jonathan, but you haven't got to see him in a while...we love it now, when you walk in the room he says, "Hi" fun Posted by Picasa
We enjoyed our own mini-Mermorial Day cookout....on our very own tiny African grill (I know I'm an embarrassment to every male in my family who owns either a custom-made or a store-bought industrial strength, heavy-duty grill...) The kids love roasting hot dogs (Tori likes using the traditional hanger...Timo would rather use the "tongues" [tongs])...we all had Coke and enjoyed some Pringles (from here) and some Fritos that KC sent us from America!!  Posted by Picasa
Here's a fun picture of Tori and Tim Posted by Picasa
Tori and Timo love having Tim around (and Tim seems to really enjoy MY chair) Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 29, 2006

I thought this was a great picture of Kelly and her cousin Tim! We were stuck in this small room waiting out the rains that had delayed church starting this past Sunday....and it turned out to be a great photo opp of both of them! Posted by Picasa
Lael has really warmed up to this picture of her looking at cute! Laurence also just did her hair in the cutest way!  Posted by Picasa
Another great picture of Tim and Lael! Posted by Picasa
Tim and Randy Posted by Picasa
Although soaking wet, I thought this was a great picture of all 3 of them! Posted by Picasa
Timothy and I enjoy sportin' our matching shirts....everyone says he is a photocopy of me....that's flattering because I think he is so cute and handsome! Posted by Picasa
So tired he actually fell asleep on my shoulders like he did when he was a baby! I love that feeling!! Posted by Picasa
This was Steven and Dawna's send-off...the final mini-convention before their departure next month. Even though the rains changed alot of the plans, the Prices were able to speak a word of encouragement to everyone at the end. The Dekpo church started back in 2004 through their witness and it was only fitting that their final convention would be held was a good representation of all 7 congregations....hopefully a good memory for their family! Posted by Picasa
Tim had opportunity to pray for everyone just after he spoke Posted by Picasa
Because of the rain delay, our joint lesson was cut short...but they still asked for a word from Tim. He was still able to share with them from John 10.10 about enjoying the abundant, full life in Christ rather than just settling for church attendance. It was fun to translate for him...I wish we would have had more time because he really had alot of great thoughts and stories to share with them.  Posted by Picasa
 Posted by Picasa