Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Tori is having a GREAT week so far! She loves her teacher and is making new friends.
She has funny stories and observations every day! The first day she giggled as she told me about a little boy falling asleep on his desk.
We ALL miss her at home while she is gone. She has helped me in the past even more than I had realized. This week continues to be a big adjustment for me as I am wrestling with what exactly is our routine and how to think a step ahead of my 3 small kiddos!
Just to give you a small insight into what I mean....this morning as we were about to walk out the door...I had just handed Tori her lunchbox and backpack and actually had the thought to myself, "I am doing pretty good this morning!"...Tori said that she was going to head out to the car. I picked up Lael to strap her in the carseat and the other boys followed me out the door and SHUT THE DOOR. At the moment I did not think about it and went ahead and buckled everyone in. It was only when I turned to head into the door in the garage to grab my purse, cell phone and shoes that I realized....NO!!! The door is locked!! Thankfully, I had the car keys in my pocket. I decided to run Tori to school and then return to my house and ponder my dilemma.
I have to go pick Tori up from school now...I will have to write more later...obviously I made it back into the house but it was not without help from a good friend ... a humbling morning for sure and this is just one has been a crazy week of similar episodes!!!
Is this a part of re-entry or what? My life does not seem normal.
I am still smiling.....


Vicki said...

Great pix as always, and I can hardly wait to hear how you got back in the house! I am sure Tori has great stories for dinner time conversation..the other kids will beg to join her in school before long, I'll bet. Sure looking forward to your trip to Big D!

Kendra said...

I'm not sure if I made sure to tell you yesterday that you are, indeed, among the normal of this society! he! Life is such a daily adventure - humbling is a great word! Sure do love you and looking forward to more time together!

mindy tyndall said...

Thanks for your sweet comment!
Love all these photos and am so happy that Tori has had such a great start! I really love her DANIEL shirt:)


daughteroftheking said...

glad to hear that Tori's first week is going well. Like Kendra said sounds like a pretty normal week in our house!

Jenna said...

I am glad that Tori is enjoying school. I hope everyone's adjustment continues to go well. It was very nice to meet you in Target the other day. I feel like I know you from reading about your wonderful family.