Monday, July 23, 2007

Overwhelmed with generous love!

This weekend Richland Hills gave us a Welcome Home shower. It has been such a generous outpouring of love and we are blessed, honored and beyond my ability to express, we are thankful! We feel the Lord's love and provision through the hearts of such dear wonderful friends from Richland Hills. Some of these people I have known my entire life, some have come to Richland Hills since we left and know us through our brothers and sisters and parents and there are even some that I just met yesterday who have been praying for us and the work among the Aja for many years! What an unspeakable joy to be in the body of Christ!
Thank you Lord!
Here are a few fun pictures from yesterday!

Our moms!
Aunt Becky and Sweet Lael
Best buds...Timo and Payton

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Kendra said...

Now that is fun to look on your blog and see all the pictures that I took with your camera . .I was curious how they turned out! he! Sure loved witnessing that outpouring of love on you guys . .be blessed! love you -