Saturday, September 02, 2006

A picture of all 4 kids! At this age, we have to take what we can get! This past week we had to spend several days in Cotonou...time for haircuts, grocery shopping, vaccinations, and more. This weekend we are hosting Judy Miller and Darrell and Mary Lauer. The Lauers are from Kentucky and they are here conducting our home study for the US side of Lael's adoption. Darrell is the Social worker that the Lord provided for us that was mentioned in a previous posting. We have already been blessed by their presence in our home today. Our kids are enjoying them being here and are enjoying the attention...should be a lot of fun! ..............Happy Labor Day! Posted by Picasa


Donny said...

How fun!! It's been a while since we've seen all 4 together. They are so cute !!!

Kendra said...

I love how capturing 4 kids together involves just getting them in motion! ha! Try to do a pose, and it would probably end in grief for all involved! I love seeing the action shots - it's so fun to imagine them playing together like that.

Judy & Ronnie Vaughn said...

That was my thought, Kendra...they play so well together. Tori is the team leader, Timo the comedian, Jonathan and Lael the joyful participants! I love this group picture!

Ya'll have a blessed weekend.