Thursday, September 28, 2006

In His Steps

Well, Kelly, Tori and Timothy got on a plane last night bound for Texas, USA! I’m back at home with Jonathan and Lael and after 18 hours, everyone is still speaking to one another (and not too much damage to the house!) J&L are working on SHARING during these 3 weeks of….Baby Boot Camp! (Most of you followed the tales of Daddy Boot Camp back last spring…it was quite fun!)

KTT will arrive Thursday evening at DFW…pray for them during their LONG flight…if you are reading this anytime during the daytime on Thursday, you can imagine they are on a super long flight from Paris to Chicago, then after a short layover mid-pm, they’ll board another plane bound for home! Pray for all of our family as we apart from one another.

More on school supply distribution probably tomorrow. It’s been going on this week, mostly in my absence since I’ve been in Cotonou taking KTT to the airport. But I’m back at home now and will get to participate in the final day (we have the students from one congregation come each morning, then another in the late afternoon, and finally one on Sunday…all together, 7 churches).

It’s been YEARS since I first read Charles Sheldon’s IN HIS STEPS…got extra credit in college in, of all subjects, Accounting (I needed all the help I could get)…all of my business professors were serious believers and my Accounting prof was so convinced this book could change lives, he offered extra credit for anyone who would read it and talk to him about it. I had made a pledge years ago that I’d read it once a year…well…uh….last time was 1990! This morning, I was exercising and trying to think about what book I might read during these next 3 weeks until Kelly returns (it’ll probably take me every bit of those 20+ days to finish it). I never came up with a good one. Then after breakfast with Jonathan and Lael, I was cleaning the kitchen and J&L decided it would be real fun to pull all the books off the bookshelf in the hallway. They started with a couple but Daddy quickly jumped in to put a halt to such rebellion! Then Jonathan kept at it and he kept bringing me books. I would say, “NO” and then I’d return the book to the shelf, never looking at it. The third time, I took a glance and it was Sheldon’s book (from where the "WWJD" got its start). I said NO once again, only to have him bring it to me again with a big grin on his face. Then I thought, “duh…perhaps Jonathan’s picking out my book for me!” He still got a pinch on the hand (hoping to deter him from suggesting 100 books for me to read!), but know that I’m already into the first part of the book and enjoying remembering why I liked the book so many years ago. Anybody read IN HIS STEPS lately? Ever? What was your reaction?

Gotta go…J&L need some big hugs from Daddy!


Kendra said...

Never read it, but you've got my intrigued . . .good luck! Been thinking about Kelly all day today with the kiddos, praying for easy travel and happy fliers! We nixed our meeting tonight, so I get to be at the airport to greet them!! Yea!! I was very sad that I wasn't going to get to see their faces fresh from the plane. Take care, brother, and have fun with BBC!!

Brooks Inc. said...


We are thinking of you all the time...So thankful for the kind of husband and dad you are.

Know that you are loved and prayed for often!


Ron and Marilyn said...

Hey lonely Randy!

Kelly and kids should be arrving very soon! Suzy said Timo and Tori were sad to tell their dad good-bye and could of course, not understand why you couldn't go too. Will be praying for you!! And J&L! I have read In His Steps several times and loved it. Keep us posted as you read about what you think, this time.

love you

Marilyn (and Ron)

Judy & Ronnie Vaughn said...

We talked to Donny tonight and he reported that your bunch is cute as ever. We can hardly wait. Hopefully, we will be there mid afternoon tomorrow.

I have not read the book but I, too, am intrigued. I bought a book 8 weeks ago and have yet to open it so I am not promising I will read it.

Enjoyed reading your blog about the churches. That is great news.

Did Louise tell you that we "talked" the other day. It was so wonderful to hear her voice. I think we actually did communicate.

Give our 2 babies there big hugs from Nana and Papa and tell them we hope you go easy on that boot camp stuff.