Sunday, September 03, 2006

We had a wonderful couple of days with Darrell and Mary Lauer from Bardstown, Kentucky. It is an amazing story how the Lord brought them here. It is exciting to watch the Lord unfold his surprises as we walk this adoption journey as a family with Lael. As a part of the study, Darrell conducted interviews with our family, Randy and I together, Randy and I separately and Tori separately. Later this afternoon I was talking with Tori about her interview, which she had obviously really enjoyed. I asked her what she and Mr. Darrell had talked about. In Tori fashion she said, "Mom, I think if he wanted to interview me by myself, then he wanted the conversation to be private...." (said with a big smile on her face!) She felt big and important to be included in such a special way regarding Lael's adoption. We had alot of fun throughout the day discussing their conversation. Posted by Picasa


Monica Head said...

I loved the story of how God brought you these special people. So glad things are moving along. I love the picture of Lael in the wagon wearing her sweet yellow outfit. What a cute girl.

Just so you know I am pulling for Kendra to take Tyler out of school a day or so when you guys are here. Tori and Tyler must get some good play time together. I have a feeling Tori is going to feel and look like a much older girl this trip.

Donny said...

Good one Tori !!! (although I would have paid big money to be fly on the wall for that conversation!!) What a great blessing this couple has been to you guys during this time!! God is perfect in His timing !!