Saturday, September 29, 2007

A Day in the Wild Wild West!

Today we really enjoyed a family fun day. We've been anticipating for a long time our community's wild west celebration. There were booths galore, jump houses, and the kiddie rodeo to top it off. The rodeo actually didn't start until 12:30p and honestly, we had thought about leaving around 1p to get everyone home for naps before church. Glad we stayed.
Timothy, in the 4 & under category, signed up for barrel racing and bull riding. He had a great time with both, enjoying his stick horse games alot. He got some good points for his barrel racing skills, but not enough to win.
But the bull riding competition was another story. (Again with a bull head on a stick horse), Timothy was having so much fun. I'm sure that was a huge hit with the judges. After the first round, Timothy and another 4-year-old were tied. So they had a ride-off and the tension was mounting (OK, Dad was sweating bullets and heart pounding....Timothy was digging around into the hay somewhat oblivious that he was in the finals!) But when it was game-time, Timo did great...even better the second time. He scored a 7.0 from the judges after his 8 seconds. We politely cheered on the other kid (ha) but my heart leaped when the judges posted his score at 6.9. What a proud and fun moment to hear Timothy's name called out by the rodeo announcer as the Champion Bull Rider! He was called back into the "arena" and presented a shiny new Justin belt buckle by the mayor himself! What a fun day.
We loved celebrating with him throughout the day....he was so proud of his buckle at church tonight! And when I was praying for him as he went to bed, he smiled so big when I said in my prayer, "and God thank you that my son is the World Champion Bull Rider." He is such a cute kid and I love him so much!
It was fun to be with all our kids and see them have so much fun. What a blessing!


Kendra said...

This looked like such fun. Good for you for having a fun family day . . I know you and your kiddos will treasure those memories!! And I'll be checking out Timo's belt next time I see him, cause I have a feeling he'll be sporting a cool new buckle he'll want me to notice!! Cute little cowboy . .

mindy tyndall said...

CONGRATULATIONS, Timothy..."World Champion Bull Rider"...PLEASE wear that belt buckle again so we can all see it! What a fun day! Community gatherings are always such fun - it's sad that more families don't know how much fun they are!