Thursday, September 20, 2007

A great time in Abilene

We have had a wonderful time this week in Abilene. Since last Friday our entire family has been to either Baird (where we have a family ranch) or to Abilene in shifts. Timothy and Tori were able to go for the weekend with Aunt Becky and Uncle Tony, Payton and Benjamin, Uncle Andy and my parents...they had a blast! Then Tori came home on Sunday night with Uncle Tony so that she could go to school on Monday. I left Monday morning with Jonathan and Lael to go to Abilene so that I could hear my sister Becky speak at the ACU lectures. She spoke Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I returned home Tuesday night and Randy left early Wednesday morning so that he could spend 2 days in Abilene, attending lectures and talking with professors and special friends. He just returned this evening. Although we have been separated as a family we have had a wonderful week of reconnecting with people who are so dear to us.

There is something about being in Abilene that just feels so good. ACU is such a special place and I LOVE being on campus. It looks so different from when we were there but the Spirit is the same and the memories of my time in school and the transformations in my life that took place there are such treasures in my heart.

The Lord richly blessed a classroom full of people through my sister this week. I know I was blessed, encouraged and challenged with deeper thoughts and of course her thoughts were appropriately filled with lots of stories drawing us into tears one second and hearty laughter the next!

We received a great progress report from Tori's teacher this week. Tori is doing well and getting in a groove where she is comfortable and more able to concentrate.
God is answering so many specific prayers in regards to Tori's third grade year.
I am so thankful to the Lord and I am SO proud of Tori.

I have had some hilarious moments with my kids this week that have just caused me to laugh hard outloud....this is a sign to me as well that I am getting more into a groove where I am comfortable and more able to concentrate and truly enjoy my children! Thank you Lord!

This picture was taken Monday night before Paw had to return to Fort Worth...he literally was slow crusing around with these 5 fun loving kids. They are crazy about their Paw!

These were taken on the ACU campus Tuesday evening as we were leaving after attending the WACU dinner (Women for ACU) where Peggy Nelson spoke. She was delightful. She is a wonderful refreshing shining light for the Lord and I am so blessed to know her as a dear friend. Jeanene Reese, another dear friend had arranged for 2 ACU students to babysit our kids so that my mom, Becky and myself could attend the dinner. They were such fun girls that our kids hardly noticed when we dismissed ourselves from the room. It was also a blessing just to see how content the kids were (my 3 and Becky's 2) just as long as they were in the same room together.

It was so great to see our kids walking around the campus! We certainly dream of the day they will be there together making memories and forever friends!


mindy tyndall said...

What fun! What a blessing for your little ones to get to know all they cousins, on both sides! I know that there are going to continue to be great stories for you to share with us!
Hugs to all!

Kendra said...

Glad for the fun summary . . .love you, sister!