Saturday, January 12, 2008

First Basketball Game

Today was Tori's first Basketball game. She is playing in the Upwards Basketball league at our church and has 2 of the coolest coaches EVER!!! Coach Ryan Christian and Coach Kelly Christian!!! Tori was able to participate in one practice before the holidays and then practiced daily through the Christmas Vacation. She has found a new excitement in playing basketball....then she had a planned outpatient surgery on her arm (which could be another blog post). The surgery went well until the Doctor said that she could have absolutely no physical activity for 3 weeks. This has knocked her out of her favorite class at school...P.E. and Recess:( And she has not been able to continue her Basketball drills and practice...for the moment.
Even so, she has continued to attend Basketball practice and watch her team as they learn new skills and drills. She was so excited to put on her new uniform and wear it to school yesterday and tell everyone that she had a game today! She was so excited that her school teacher decided to come and support her even though Tori was not playing in the game. Although it will certainly be 10 times more fun to watch her play, we all had a great time watching her and her team today. The minutes before the game started made it worth our time. The Lights were down, a strobe light was moving and over a loud speaker the players names were called as they ran through will see from the picture below, Tori looked like a professional running out and getting high fives from everyone! It was SO FUN!!!
After the game, every team member is recognized for their contribution to the game. Today Tori was given the Star for Sportsmanship.....the best attitude as she supported her team although she couldn't play. We were so proud of her!


mindy said...

I got to visit with Miss Tori and Miss Maddie at church tonight and they told me how very cool Upwards Basketball totally is! I know this is a great program...but hearing them gush about it made it such fun to listen to! I am proud of Tori and her Sportsmanship award - no surprise, though!
Hugs to all!

Monica said...

That is so fun. Too bad Tori couldn't play. I can't wait to hear about her playing basketball. Her Papa would be so proud!!! : )She does have some pretty cool coaches too!!