Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Entering into this new year with these 4 treasures, our hearts are FULL of thanksgiving and anticipation of what the Lord will do. What an anchor of hope and stability we have as we enter into days unknown, trusting HIM.


Brooks Inc. said...

That is the absolute cutest picture of those 4 faces! What treasures they are!

Love you all!


JudyV said...

I want a paper copy of this adorable picture, PLEASE! How did you get them all smiling at once? It is a great capture of their personalities.

Treasures they are!

Much love,

Jacinda said...

This is a beautiful picture of your children!

Beverly Ross said...

Precious sweet! I think of you so often! I want to know how to get music on my blog!!!!

Kendra said...

They are sweet, precious ones - that's for sure! Love them so much!!