Monday, January 28, 2008

Our favorite Basketball player suited up to play this past Saturday and the real fun began!! We had a blast watching her. Our camera was not able to capture much. I hope you will click on the picture below so that it enlarges and you can see Tori enjoying herself on the court. This was a girl that was truly excited about being in the game! This week Tori was given the star for Best player on Offense. Her coach commented on how special it was for this to be her first game ever to play and she was able to score TWO points!!! Yea Tori!!! I included a picture of 3 loyal fans.

Sunday morning Donny and Kendra and their crew came over for brunch! The best part was that Donny and Randy were the cooks! It was great to spend some time together and the food was great!!

Tonight I captured on film Timo being the sweet and nurturing brother that he can be so much of the time. I love that Lael loves to cuddle up next to him. Tonight, Jonathan glanced over and saw Lael snuggling up to Timo and I guess he thought that looked like a great idea!


Shelly said...

I enjoyed catching up on your blog! I LOVE all your pictures! Your family is precious. It was fun running into you yesterday. The Lord continues to use you big time---you encouraged me to be available to HIM regardless of what I think I am capable of doing. Hope to bump into you again soon! : )

Brooks Inc. said...

Such precious kids! I am so proud of Tori and her rockin offense!

I love you guys!


Becky Reeves said...

Timothy seems like such a sweet big brother to his two younger siblings. I love the picture with Jonathan and Lael both laying on him:) Tori looks like she's having fun in basketball! Brings back good memories of my days at her age playing. Love you guys! Blessings! P.S. I love your new blog song! We're going to have to get it off of itunes.