Saturday, April 19, 2008

Moments with my children

As always, Tori and I enjoy doing fun things together. Last weekend we had fun trying to coordinate our clothing!! We both had found some fun shoes that were available in both of our sizes, at Payless and we wanted to wear we searched our closets and found some clothes we already had that coordinated...I LOVE TORI so much I can hardly stand it!!!

We have loved having some beautiful weather this past week so that we can play in the back yard. The kids found a ladybug and had so much fun watching her, losing her, looking for her and finding her over and over again. Not sure how we know if it is a her...

My sweet Timothy will be 5 years old next month!! That is amazing! His birth is such a mile marker in my life of God doing a new thing in my heart...I love thinking about his birth and the joy that surrounded his life entering ours...He was our heart's desire. We are into party planning and birthday anticipation these days in conversations with Timo!!


MarketingTwins-Randy said...

I love all the pictures of these kids! They bring me so much joy as their Dad.

JudyV said...

I, too, love these pictures of the kids! They have fun doing the simplest things.

I still laugh about Timothy wanting a "no girls allowed" birthday. Sounds just like him...he is such a boy. It will be interesting to hear what developments continue.

Thanks for the pictures.


Amy said...

Sweet Sweet pictures!!! Your kids are just beautiful!!! You are Tori are just precious!!

Great seeing you Wednesday!! Love you bunches!!

Amy J