Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A little bit of life

Last Friday, Tori's class took a Field Trip to tour the Texas Ranger Stadium. Her Dad took the opportunity to go with her. She was thrilled to have him along for the experience. They had a great day together!

Saturday morning we hosted our first ever garage sale! We did this together with families from our small group through our church. We were raising money for a project called Share the Joy. All of the money from the garage sale will go towards helping someone in our community who is in need and will be given in the name of Jesus. The day was truly a blessing from start to finish. We raised alot of money and as people came and asked us what we were raising money for, they too became generous and wanted to participate...we are all eagerly anticipating how the Lord will direct us as we share these funds with someone in need.

Timo and I made a quick trip to Wal-Mart this afternoon and when he saw the Bull, he insisted that he needed to ride, he had been really demonstrating good behavior today so I thought I would say yes...we were both anticipating a bit more of an active ride. I think he thought it was only slightly the fun he had imagined. He was bracing himself when he slipped the quarters in and got his one hand high in the air, ready to perhaps be thrown to the other side of the store...instead he discovered this bull was a so slow he could be used for rocking babies...

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emily anna said...

We had so much fun on Saturday! Thanks for hosting! I LOVE the picture of CLaire and Lael... I copied it onto my computer. I hope you don't mind!