Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Insight to a few of my thoughts today

Here is an attempt at a family picture...not one where everyone is looking in the same direction..but in each one..someONE is looking the right direction, so I posted all 3!

Life is moving so fast. I have many pictures to post that document our life over the past few weeks. I will share them soon. This weekend we celebrated 2 monumental birthdays in our family. Tori turned 10 and Randy turned 40. We had fun celebrating the full and abundant years that we are experiencing. Tori wanted to have a baseball party and so that is what we did. We had 10 girls come in their play clothes and we met at a local park. Everyone had a turn to bat and a turn to play in the field and we all cheered for everyone...pictures will be coming soon.
We celebrated Randy and Donny's 40th birthday at a small family party Friday night...I love my husband. He is my best friend. I am so proud of the work he is doing. I know he is going to succeed in this new business. It is another exciting journey for us.
Our life is unpredictable. Everyday is different. I love it. I know when others see our schedule and how we live day to day, it looks complicated...it is...but it works for us and right now I would not have it any other way.
This is an interesting time ...every minute is full...our children bring us so much joy...the time spent with them is sweet and challenging as we do our best to empower them, connect with them and correct them...we love them SO much!!!
Work is always interesting for me...meeting new amazing people in this community who are in positions of service, working with women in crisis, working with couples desiring to adopt and watching the Lord in the details of it all...I see the Lord do amazing things and it is truly a privilege...I feel very blessed to be working for Christian Homes.
I do get tired and I am very thankful for Advocare products that give me that extra energy and keep me healthy! Through it all ...a thankful heart is the backdrop...I am thankful for these opportunities and I am thankful for the feeling of being spent... I have the feeling of being fully alive....thank you Lord!! I enjoy my life.


Jan Kelley said...

what wonderful, wonderful times and so blessed tht you realize these ar time that are fleeting and need to be savored. I am so proud of the choices you are making and i appreciate the time you carve out of your busy, busy life to share it with those of us who love you so much but are not there to share and ovserve these times with you. God is so good.

MarketingTwins-Randy said...

Thanks SBG! I'm always the Lucky One! - You're amazing!