Saturday, November 15, 2008

A great gift from my husband!

I have known for months that Amy Grant was going to be in Fort Worth on Friday night. It is probably no surprise to those who know me well, to know that I check her website often. Amy Grant has been such a part of my life (her music) that I feel like she is family. Her music would have to be the background musical soundtrack for my life since I was in the fourth grade...I know these songs and they definitely were a major part of my personal faith development..I wanted to be at the concert last night and had dropped a few light hearted hints to my husband. Friday morning, as we were getting breakfast ready and the kids ready for school...I was singing lyrics to various Amy songs...if they were the appropriate answer to a question being in.."When will breakfast be ready?" response..."Takes a little time, sometimes..."
My husband was hearing me and said, "When is she coming to Fort Worth?" I said. "Tonight!"
And I couldn't help but add that maybe, "Love will Find a Way!" The kids went to school and I headed out the door for an all day conference with my supervisor. Around 2PM, I received a text message from Randy..."I have two tickets to a concert"....I could hardly contain my excitement...I know that I am "The Lucky One"! I called him as soon as I could and he said that he had 2 tickets and that I could take Tori and he would stay with the kids....He has a great story about how he got these tickets..maybe he will share it in the comments! Tori and I got ready..we were both so excited to have this opportunity... we went to dinner and then went to Will Rogers Auditorium where we found our seats...we were in the center, 5 rows from the front!!! These were amazing seats! Amy opened the night with "My Father's Eyes"... I had tears rolling down my face for the first three songs...I couldn't help it! She said she would only be singing songs recorded from 1988 and before....this was definitely a wonderful trip back in time for me and extra special because I was with my daughter who was having a great time...and I was Tori's age when I was first introduced to Amy's music! Amy said this was a time to go back and remember that the person who heard these songs 20 years ago and was affected by them, is still was true for me! I felt this as I sang with her again,
Stay with me
make it ever new
so time will not undo,
as the years go by
How I need to see
That's still me
This was a night of songs that shaped my faith, songs about Jesus and making right choices, being wise and aware of our shadows, leaving no room for compromise, songs of loud praise and the grace that God has shown us, songs of struggle and songs of love for family...I loved it and loved that I could remember every word from songs that I had not listened to in 20 years myself!! It has also been fun that today Tori has wanted to listen to all my old AG of course that is something I have always dreamed I am getting really honest here. I know this is so cheesy to some of my friends...but this is the real me!!!

(We got new Amy t-shirts!)

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It was an amazing evening and received a great review!
The night was so sweet and I could not help but think about my wonderful husband who wanted to bless me with a special night. He went to some extreme measures to get these tickets quickly and it made the gift that much sweeter. I am so blessed in my marriage. I married a good man..thoughtful, kind and loves to bless me with sweet surprises....
Let me say once more that I love you
Let me say one time maybe two
That I love the way that you love me
And I wish I knew more of you
Tell me that time won't erase
This look of love on your face
Let me say once more that I need you
One more time or just maybe two
Oh my life will always be richer
For the time I've spent here with you.
Tell me that time won't erase
The way that my heart sees your face
I call your name
You look my way
It's clear you trust each word I say
When life is long and problems come
You'll always be my only one


Jan Kelley said...

Oh, Kelly, Mandy Kelley loved Amy Grant so much too so i got a little teary as i read this beautifully described event you experienced with your daughter. How very sweet of Randy to kow that this wold be such a special gift for you. It says so much about your relationship with Randy, with Tori, with Amy and even with your Heavenly Father. Your sweet sweet faith blossomed listening to this music. I believed God smiled at you and Tori on Friday night for what you were sharing. love you.

JudyV said...

One sweet story.

Knowing how much you love Amy, I am so glad you get to see her as often as you do. Now Tori will share in that love. My Father's Eyes is one of my favorites by Amy. Sounds like a great evening.

Good for you, Randy.


Kendra said...

I never got to ask Randy last night what his end of the story was . . .glad you girls had a special night!

Laura Vaughn said...

omg! i cant believe you went without me!lol i remember my amy convert with aunt kelly! i loved it and i was so excited to meet her! would you believe i can still remember the outfit i wore and where we sat in the concert?!!!!!

Shelly said...

I LOVE Amy Grant. I remember getting ready for school and laying on my floor waiting for KLTY (or KOJO--whatever it was at the time!) to play her Saved by Love song for the first time on the radio. I remember bringing "Fat Baby" to play at "Show and Tell" day in Music class in elementary and having kids laugh at it and then my best friend bringing "Giggle" on her day. :) It looks like that concert was so good---how neat to be able to go with Tori!!