Sunday, December 07, 2008

Christmas Musical

Tori, along with 123 other children, parents and volunteers have worked so hard, attending weekly practices on Sundays since early October for tonight's was well worth the investment of our time! Tonight was so much fun! The kids had fun and the good news of Emmanuel was proclaimed with great joy! My face hurts from smiling! Tori said this year was a lot of fun being a safari kid, and having a small line to say. Next year she is ready to go for a bigger part...she was inspired by her friends Jessica, Skyler and Cassidy! We were so proud of her this year...can't wait to see what next year brings...and hopefully Timothy will be up there with her! (Click on collage to see pictures better!)
What a blast it is to be mom to Tori Vaughn!!!


Jan Kelley said...

I attended my grandson's program today too. I know you were thrilled. These are such precious times. So glad you took the time to post and to post the pictures too. You are a beautiful mom and I am proud of you and happy for your family. Blessed be the name of the Lord.

mindy said...

Oh, they WERE amazing! It's always fun to hear all the comments the day after at work and everyone was pretty much blown away. We do think this is the best ever. I am so proud of Tori and how much she loves her Savior. She and her sweet friends make it extra fun to serve in Children's Ministry!