Tuesday, December 09, 2008

How Could I Ask For More?

After School today we went straight to the mall on a mission to see Santa. The kids were excited, and I was too, to see that there were only 2 families in line ahead of us. When it was our turn, no one was shy! Everyone hopped right on up and began to say what they were hoping for Christmas...it was precious! Afterwards, we walked around the mall for a bit, window shopping and listening to the lists of "I wants"....then we ate dinner at the Food Court and came home.
It was a sweet family time of getting into the mood for Christmas!
This is such a fun time of year with little children...what blessings! I am so thankful to have them and to have Randy...and walking around with them, just watching them...my heart is so full.
Seriously... How could I ask for one more thing?


Lyndsey said...

KJV, is that seriously 4 smiling children looking at the camera AND smiling all at the same time? Yall just won parents of the year. (Am trying to think of a picture of 4 Jeffrey or 4 Goode kids that pulled off this triumph, but if it exists I can't picture it.) Love yall so and can't wait to see you in a few weeks. Lyndsey

Jan Kelley said...

Kelly, Beautiful. I believe this is the REAL Santa too. Look at him. He is the real one, I just know it. This picture has put me in the mood for Christmas. This picture could be in a magazine or on its cover. It reveals the joy of Christmas and sitting on Santa's knee and all the memories that conjures up in all of our minds. Merry Christmas to you all.