Sunday, August 20, 2006

God is in the details!

Yesterday we sent out a mass email to missionaries regarding our desire to find an American (who has a Masters Degree in Social Work) in West Africa, who can help us do a Homestudy that is required by US Immigration for Lael’s adoption. Randy and I were in conversation and prayer about this all day long, discussing the finances, travel arrangements, and schedules and wondering how the Lord will bring this about. Randy also mentioned about this in his blog posting last night.

Within an hour of his posting, around 11PM last night, our great friend and fellow missionary Judy Miller called. “Sorry it is so late but I think I have someone with me that you might like to talk to!” Judy had gone to the airport last night to pick up a Volunteer team that is here to work with Baptist missionaries for the next two weeks. While they were gathering their baggage at the airport, Judy was talking to one of the men who had just arrived and just happened to ask him about his line of work. He said that he is a Social Worker in Kentucky. Judy quickly informed him of our situation and said the Lord may have brought you here for more reasons than you know!!!

I was able to talk with him at length over the phone and we will be making arrangements for him and his wife to come to our house at some point over the next two weeks!! He is willing to do the Homestudy!

Oh my word!!!!!! The Lord has been hearing our prayers and working out the details! Randy and I were/are so excited! This is one of those times that you just know that it is the Lord’s hand bringing something together!

We are on high alert right now, eager to see more of the details unfold!
We know they will be good!


Brooks Inc. said...

SO thrilled! The Lord continues to provide...His faithfulness continues through out generations!

Love you- BJB

vicki said...

Kelly, how wonderful! May God bless Judy Miller! She has been such an amazing catalyst for good for yall and who knows how many others. And blessings on the social worker and his wife. I'll bet they will be enjoying hospitality like they have never experienced before!! Aunt VG

Donny said...

Sadly I'm sitting here AMAZED !!! Wish I had the faith to believe that God can do these things on a regular basis and not be so shocked when they happen. But it's fun to praise God for his faithfulness ... and details!!! Love you guys.

Kendra said...

I love it. Doesn't it just put you on such a high energy rush when the Lord blows you away like that?? Blessed be His name for sure! Smiling and delighting the the Lord's ways . .

Beth P said...

Kelly & Randy,
I know your hearts are full! I'm so thankful to God for keeping your excitement and energy up with surprise blessings like this. This is a testimony to remind each of us to "just pray about it" and God WILL work out the details as they need to be.
I love you all!

Judy & Ronnie Vaughn said...

I am sharing this good news with everyone! This is a real God thing! Amazing.

Giving thanks to the Lord,