Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Keep those prayers coming and get specific!

Our phone line is down! Hopefully it will be working tomorrow! “So they say!”
I am currently typing this from our local post office. We are having a great week and moving along one step at a time on Lael’s adoption. We are on the books right now to go before a public notary in Cotonou with Ega (Lael’s birth father) on Friday. He will sign a consent form placing Lael in our custody. Randy and I will both sign this document. This will be a huge step for all of us. The next thing will involve a hearing before the court in Benin. Please pray that nothing gets in the way of this very important meeting on Friday morning at 11:00 AM Benin time.
Thank you for your prayers! Your prayers, support and encouragement are such a sweet blessing to us at this time in our lives!


Brooks Inc. said...

Count on me my sweetest friend!

I love you so!


Lyndsey said...

My alarm will be set for 6am EST on Friday! Love yall so much!

Donny said...

We will be praying about Friday. Keep us posted!!!!

songbirdintl said...

praying, praying, praying for you guys!