Thursday, August 24, 2006

Nothing is ever late

In Africa you must always carry with you the expectation that things might not got as planned.  The Africans have a phrase, “Nothing is ever late” and one must adopt this attitude if you are going to maintain your peace and press on.  

This afternoon the notary’s office in Cotonou called our home. They said upon further investigation of what we were requesting be done, (A Full Adoption of Lael) someone with higher authority must be present.  That person is not available tomorrow and we have now been rescheduled for Monday September 4.  We are thankful for the phone call with this information. Our past experience has been to arrive at an office with the expectation and urgency that something is about to be done, and then be told that we are missing a certain piece of paper or that we have all the necessary documents but the person who needs to witness them or sign them is unfortunately not available today. UGHHH!!!  So, we are very thankful to have received the phone call today.

We already had an appointment arranged tomorrow with our lawyer to discuss the adoption and to make sure that we have a complete understanding of all that we need to be doing in order to make sure Lael’s adoption is secure as soon as possible.  Randy and I are still going to Cotonou for that appointment.  We also plan to stop by the notary’s office and make sure we have all the necessary papers for our meeting on September 4th.

Please continue your prayers for our family. Staying on top of the adoption and all that we need to be doing is at the forefront of our minds.  At the same time we maintain all of our other responsibilities in ministry, in home school, and as parents to 4 precious children.  This is not in any way meant to be a complaint, just a statement that alludes to the sometimes overwhelming, exhausting moments that sneak into our days.  For your encouragement and prayers, we continue to be very thankful.


Kendra said...

You definitely have my prayers and my support. I can imagine the overwhelming feelings that must creep in . . makes me tired just pondering your days! On that note, I think I'll put myself in bed right now - I'll be praying! Thanks for the daily updates - they are so good to open up and see every day. love you -

Brooks Inc. said...

Thanks for keeping us updated...we continue to pray for this process...

I pray the Lord's strength would continue to be yours...that His ability to make smooth the rough would be shown yet again...

I love you all and am so thankful for the commitment you have made to the Kingdom...In great hardship and frustration you have stayed the course...May His favor continue to rest upon you.

Love you so-