Thursday, August 17, 2006

What a precious girl. This morning and last night as we were praying together about this year, tears filled my eyes and my heart was so full. This time with Tori is something that I will cherish forever. Posted by Picasa


Kendra said...

You two girls look so trendy and cute in your first day of school outfits! What a great class! I want to come to your school, Kelly! What a neat setup you have there in the schoolroom / guesthouse - you and
Randy have made such a great environment for your kids there. Thanks for sharing these great pictures, and I look forward to being with you at the mall about this time next year sipping a DC and munching on a pretzel while we shop for bargains for all our school kids. love you -

Judy & Ronnie Vaughn said...

Looks as if you 2 are ready for the 2nd grade! Tori looks so tall. She must have grown over the summer. The schoolroom has a very real look to it, Kelly. I am so excited for you both. I have had 2 experiences just this week of seeing 2 of my old is going to be a senior and the other is 22! The 22 year old brought me a picture of the 2 of us where I had my arms around her like you do Tori. She has been very sweet to keep it all of these years when I am not her mother! The senior said she is going into education to teach the 2nd grade. I know Tori will remember her 2nd grade teacher with even more love!
All of the children look so happy and fun. Maybe you could do what a friend is doing here....home school all 4 of her kids! kindergarten - 6th grade. Don't ask me why!!!!EEEEKKKKsssss!

God's blessings.