Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Party Day!

Today was the day for Christmas parties! I was able to attend the parties for Tori and Timothy.
It was fun for Timothy and I to join Tori after we were finished with his. In one of the pictures below, Tori is playing a game with bottle caps that she learned in Benin. Today she taught it to some of her friends and they played the game with her
I love Timothy's smile in this picture!
I love opportunities to be in his class.
There is something so special about seeing his face light up when I show up ....
it is addicting! I love watching him interact with his friends and his teacher.
I love seeing him be a helper and a leader.
I love how excited he is to show me his work and the things that he is learning.
What a pleasure it is to be his mom...and Tori's mom, and Jonathan's mom, and Lael's mom!!!
This is Jon and Lael just before they left for their Christmas party!
They had a great time too!
Children are a blessing!


sj said...

Great pic's once again! Also, great fun chatting on & off with you while ago...the problem was MY phone

Jan Kelley said...

Such hectic times with moments like these of attending your chideren's parties that require you to slow down just soak it all in. Bless you, dear one. Memories last a lifetime. Thanks so much for sharing with those who love you and call you "dear".

vicki said...

Your kids are delightful and sweet, not to mention cute as can be!! Love the picture of you and timothy! Merry Christmas, everyone!