Tuesday, December 20, 2005

ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY!!! Today we had the joy of celebrating Christmas
with some of our dearest friends here in Benin. LOUISE (far left) helps
cook for us two days a week; SOSSA (holding Timo) has worked for us for over
6 years doing anything and everything; LAURANCE (far right holding Jonathan)
helps in cleaning and child care 4 days a week; and of course our dear
friend EGA (yellow shirt). We have enjoyed this Christmas tradition since
we arrived in Benin...a time to bless those who bless us so much. It is fun
to share with them an American meal, as we have eaten many African meals in
their homes. Today, for dessert we had pineapple and white chocolate chip
cookies! We love the sweet fellowship and constant laughter. Although Timo
has been under the weather with a throat infection the past couple of days,
he's doing somewhat better and was able to participate some. Tori and
Laurance's daughter played hard all afternoon long. Kelly and I spent an
hour showing Sossa and Ega photos of family members from home. Not only are
they happy to see all of them (so many have been here to visit), but they
marvel at all the small details of each picture that are different than
things here....like the backyard fence at Morton and Suzy's house in a
picture of our nephew Payton...people here don't have WOOD fences ("won't
the insects eat the wood?" they asked), but rather they have CONCRETE. So
even something as simple as a fence caught their attention. It is always
fun to watch Lael interact with Ega, her birth father. And Jonathan is
walking everywhere now, so just about every one of us was chasing him down
the hallway at some point. It was a great party...enjoy all the pictures!  Posted by Picasa


Brooks Inc. said...

I always love hearing about this day! I remember like yesterday when Tony and I were there to celebrate it with you! 5 years ago...between us we have had 5 kids since then...:) I love seeing the smiles on everyones faces!

So Much love!


Don Box said...

Thanks for sharing events of your ANNUAL CHRISTMAS PARTY. I loved seeing the family and friends in the picture.
Morton & Suzy visited with Jan & me in the hospital last night and we had a great time.
See my blog at www.donmbox.blogspot.com for updates on Jan's situation. Love, Don Box

Donny said...

Love this tradition that you all have!! What a blessing it is for EVERY person in attendance. I know it's times like these that you'll remember for years and years to come. I can't wait to talk to Tori, for example, in 10 years to see what she remembers from those fun times. Love you guys!! Merry Christmas from Bedford, TX

Kendra said...

You can tell our sweet friends there that we love seeing pictures of them as well, and look for all sorts of new details about them just as they do with us! I'd love to see a picture of Sossa's son sometime soon!