Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tonight we were enjoying some family time before putting the kids to bed...reading Christmas stories, singing carols and laughing alot. We thought, "oh, they are all doing so good, why don't we get a quick picture?" You've probably had one of these moments....all of sudden everyone's crying or no one's looking. That's why we're posting several different shots....couldn't get ONE picture where everyone was looking! It was still a fun evening....everyone was very excited that Christmas is one week away! Posted by Picasa


Julie said...

Catching up on everything. Love all the pictures. I love you all. God bless you and grant you good health.

msajeffrey said...

These are the cutest pictures and , my goodness, do they bring back memories to me!!! After four you just work on percentages!!! I know we went at least ten years without all four of you looking at the camera at the same time! It was just about ten years ago that you all four decided to smile at the same time again!!! But what joy!!! They are all so precious...I do pray it won't be too long until we see you all face to face!!!

These pics thrill my

Murray & Jaime said...

Love the pics!! Your little ones are so precious!!

We just receieved a SPECIAL package from Benin today!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! We LOVE the star bib and African print burp cloths! How special!! I was telling Murray that I made burp cloths for all of your little ones and am THRILLED to receive such a special gift in return. We can hardly wait to show them off at church (along with our baby, of course!)...they will definitely be "Sunday burp cloths".

Thanks so much! (A formal thank you will be mailed later but we had to let you know how much we appreciated your gifts!!)

Love you guys!!

Murray, Jaime and Baby Sanderson

Missionary's Missionary said...

Your blogs make me feel a part of your lives and work. Love the pics...I hope your holidays are joy-filled. Love's prayers..Dottie