Saturday, April 07, 2007

Jonathan's birthday was a fun celebration! Randy and I had decided only the night before that we were going to make a cake and have a party! Because we rarely have opportunities to be with larger groups of people, especially with large groups of kids...we knew this would be a great time to make a fun cake and take pictures of our 2 year and 3 month old son! We already had some "Cars" themed plates so we decided to make a Tire cake! Of course it was Randy who made the cake and he did a great job! The pictures above show the cake and at least our 2 boys really enjoying it. All the others enjoyed it as well.
The first picture shows Timo... up on top of the car helping Randy unload our things when we arrived at the beach. He loved being included in this big task of helping his Dad! In the picture of Randy, Jonathan, and Kelly at the bottom, be sure to notice sweet Timo in the background!

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