Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Murphy and Christine
Matthew and Stephen
They are our dear friends. They have worked in Togo for the last 6 years. They are planning to begin a new work in Rwanda in 2009. It was great to hear what the Lord is doing there and how he is leading the Crowsons to join him . It is our desire to be a great support to their ministry in Rwanda.
The Crowsons have purchased many of our household items, including some of our furniture. After the egg hunt, Murphy did an amazing job of loading their car just before the clouds broke with a downpour of rain! Tori even was able to help with the packing. Jonathan also took one last rest on his mattress before it was handed to Murphy on top of the car.

After VGAP last week, the Crowson family returned to Aplahoue with us for 2 nights! The plan had initially been for them to stay one night. However, due to car trouble, we were blessed to have them for 2! We had such a great time. We continued great conversations late into the night, poured our hearts out in prayer and spent some great time laughing!
Our kids really enjoyed good times with Stephen and Matthew. In the above collage, you will see that we had an Easter egg hunt on Saturday. We did not have enough baskets so we used gift sacks! In the picture of the kids by the car, Timo has all of his easter eggs gathered up in his shirt!

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msajeffrey said...

I am sooo happy you were able to post these pictures...the Sunday pics are great...love all the kids pics too...your Easter bags were a bit fancier than the ones used in Callahan county...we used some very nice Wal-mart sacks...so thrilled for the great time with the Crowson's...we are very excited to see them in a few weeks!

I am sure we will talk later in the day...if the connection holds!

expect blessing...mom