Sunday, April 22, 2007

Sunday afternoon...

I am married to a handsome man and this picture is proof!
I have 3 things to say about the above pictures...

1) Eating an apple, when your sitting next to your brother is not as simple as you might think.
2) Timo dressed himself today!
3) Can anyone see a resemblance in these 2 boys? If so, please inform their parents!

Jonathan gives WONDERFUL hugs !

Lael LOVES to hug on Daddy and he LOVES to hug on her!

These 2 are ALWAYS fun to watch!

Tori and Timo are great friends!

This has been an interesting week. We went once again for almost the whole week without water and often without power. It is amazing how this affects everything...especially concerning our schedules...because everything takes more time to accomplish, our attitudes, our energy level, and just the overall ability to keep the house clean and in order. Laundry piles up, dishes often pile up, and everyone has the sticky sweaty can't get clean and refreshed feeling! Today we have had water and at the moment all of the laundry is done!
I am very thankful!

In the mix with the sticky sweaty feeling were several conversations that Randy had with people about our departure.
These are hard and they are just beginning.

We are continuing our daily prayer times about our transition and it is a time we anticipate and look forward to each day. Now when we sit down to pray, Tori will start the conversation with..."Okay these are things that I am thinking about," or sometimes she will say, "these are things that concern me today...." I love hearing her thoughts and I love hearing her voice the details of her concerns and desires to God!

This afternoon we sat outside with the kids for awhile as the clouds grew dark and the breezes became strong! We only received a light brief rain and yet it sure felt nice! Randy and I enjoyed watching our kids play.

Tomorrow we start again the process of obtaining papers for Lael's identity card. Hopefully this week we can mark this off the list and move to other exciting buying tickets!
We are so thankful for your prayers and encouraging words offered on behalf of our family!

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Kendra said...

I would sure love to be in on listening to Tori's thoughts and concerns - sweet girl.

I agree - you married a handsome man. I can say that since I'm married to his identical twin, otherwise it would not be appropriate for me to say how handsome your hubby is for everyone to read!!

May it rain more and more, and may your water stay on consistently!! Icky sweaty not clean feel . . makes me want to go take a shower just pondering that feeling.
love you!