Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Most of you know that Randy and I returned with our family to Fort Worth Texas this summer after over 8 years in Benin, West Africa. We are so thankful for the experiences that the Lord gave us in Benin and for our many dear friends who remain there. When we left, there were 9 churches that had been planted. The last two churches planted were planted solely by the Aja Christians! We give praise to God for this great work! Randy and I have told many people since our return that our departure from Benin was somewhat like a storybook ending. We are thankful to be home, yet our hearts are very tender towards Benin. We all enjoy opportunities to speak about our life there. The Lord is good and we witnessed him do amazing things in our lives and in the Aja people.

We have been generously welcomed home by the Richland Hills Church of Christ! Their love and support has been needed and greatly treasured. Many dear friends poured their hearts and lives into assuring that we were cared for from the minute we stepped off of the plane. Our adjustment has been more difficult than we anticipated so we have been extremely grateful for the continual grace and encouragement given.

We’re also grateful for this unique window in our lives when Randy can launch his own marketing/advertising/graphic design company. This has been a lifelong dream and it seems there’s no better time to do it! Started alongside a silent partner (we’ll keep his name anonymous until he quits his job and goes full-time), the company name is "1429." An unusual name, yes, but one with important meaning behind it. Ask and I’m sure Randy will love telling you about it! Randy graduated from ACU with a degree in Marketing. He is exceptionally gifted in graphic design. When you see his work and how much he enjoys doing it, you can not help but think, this is what Randy was made to do!!!

Just a few weeks ago, I received a phone call presenting me with a job opportunity that I am very excited about. I am now presently working for Christian Homes and Family Services as their Metroplex Adoption Case Worker. I will be working with families in the DFW area who desire to adopt through Christian Homes. I worked for CHFS before leaving for Benin and absolutely loved this work. Now being a mother who has adopted a precious baby girl, I am even more excited about the occasion to be involved in bringing families together. I will be working from our home. This job is a very timely and specific answer to prayers for our family.

You are probably wondering about how our four children are transitioning into to this new life. They love being with friends and family and they love eating at fast food restaurants with playgrounds. They love going to Bible classes and playing at parks. We believe they are all transitioning well. At the same time, they greatly miss their friends in Benin, our home, and our Superdog Booker.

We are so thankful for the prayers prayed for our family. Because of your prayers we were sustained and delivered, more patient and encouraged, and never alone. Because of your prayers we were able to leave for Benin with one child and return to Texas with four. Because of your prayers we are all adjusting and our eyes are being opened to the Lord’s provision. Our hearts are filled with thanksgiving!

Let us shout God’s name with a praising song!
Let us tell his greatness with thanksgiving!
Psalms 69:30

Randy & Kelly
Tori, Timothy, Jonathan & Lael


Lyndsey said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Wishing I was in Baird with yall today! Love you so, Lyndsey

Greg Bailey said...

Check our blog ASAP. Blessings,