Sunday, November 11, 2007

Tori's High School Musical Birthday Party

Tori had been dreaming of this day for months and it finally came! The sun was shining and the HSM Soundtrack was playing loud! My parents helped to host this party in their wonderful backyard. We invited friends and cousins and most everyone was able to come. Tori had 3 uncles there, her Aunt Becky, all DFW cousins, and all of her grandparents present. What a blessing to share this day with them. We were sure missing those of you in our family who could not be with us.

My sister had given Tori the HSM party planner and one of the ideas was to have a concession stand and serve popcorn, nachos, and hotdogs. After playing some fun games like Twister, attempting to get 3 Baskets in a row, and HSM Name That Tune, we passed out tickets and everyone went to the concession stand for food and drinks! This was a big hit! Randy made another awesome cake this year for Tori. Tori was pretty specific in what she wanted and her words when she saw the cake for the first time were, "Oh Dad this is even better than I thought!!"

We had a wonderful day celebrating her life and it was a JOY to share this time with our family and special friends. We thank God because Tori is the WORK OF HIS HANDS!! He has created her with love for a purpose and we are so thankful to be her parents.
My heart was so full as I watched her interact with these girl friends, most of whom she did not even know 4 months ago. Another very specific answer to prayer! God is so good.


Cheryl said...

My Kinley read this post with me today and she said,"That is SO encouraging!!! Mom, we prayed for those friends for her and THERE THEY ARE!!!" :-)
Praise Jesus we can share our journeys, even across many miles. Love you guys---

Holly said...

Hi, I just stumbled across this blog in trying to plan my little girls 6th birthday. I Love the idea of a concession stand for the party. I am from Tennessee. Just wanted to say your page truly encouraged me today. Forever God IS Faithful! You have a beautiful little girl that I know God will bless in mighty ways. My little girl just asked Jesus into her heart the other night. I prayed for that day for so long. I pray blessings upon your family. United in Christ....Holly

WISE02 said...

Hello, I enjoyed your blog and all of your ideas. My daughter is turning 7 next month and she wants to have a high school musical birthday sleep over party. We thank God everyday for such a wonderful daughter. Children are precious gifts from God. Thank- you for sharing.

Jennifer Wise from Charleston West Virginia.