Monday, November 05, 2007

We have had a wonderful DAY of celebrating Tori!! We started out early with a few presents and taking cupcakes to school. My mom and I were able to join Tori for lunch and then join her in the classroom when she shared the cupcakes. After school we opened some more presents and played a fun Twister game to the songs of High School Musical...see if you can find the picture of that game going on below!!! Tonight we were with the Jeffrey side of our family at one of our family favorite restaurants...Lubys!!! We had a blast being together and watching Tori's reaction to her presents. My mind has been reflecting on one of the absolute best days of my life all day today!! I love being the mother of Tori Vaughn! She is such a precious girl. My heart truly overflows with enthusiastic LOVE for this girl! The Lord's plans for her are GOOD!


Brooks Inc. said...

Seriously...if there is a person in the world with more High School Musical gear I would like to meet them.

What a blast...Best 9 year old party at Luby's I have ever been to! That place rocks!

So fun celebrating this special girl! 9 years ago I became an was one of the best days ever!


Murray & Jaime said...

Happy 9th birthday, Tori! I remember coming to visit you in the hospital. The traffic was horrible on the drive over from Dallas but it was so worth it to see your precious face!!!

P.S. My husband and I just rented High School Musical for the first time this weekend. We LOVE IT! I want to learn all the routines (especially the one at the end). I know I'd look pretty ridiculous dancing to it...but I still like to picture it!!