Monday, November 05, 2007

Happy Birthday TORI !! #9 !!

Happy Birthday to our beautiful daughter, Tori! She's 9 years old today and it's going to be a week long celebration for sure!! We're so proud of her and thank God for this wonderful young woman! I loved being there in the room when Tori was born and taking a thousand pictures. Oh - those early lights certainly must have prepared our girl for a lifetime of photo ops. I am thankful for her laughter, her leadership, her love of her grandparents/aunts/uncles/cousins...and even as a Dad, I "appreciate" her latest infatuation for "High School Musical". I love listening to her sweet voice singing along with the CD as she sings Lael to sleep every night (meanwhile of course, the brothers in the other room yell out, "TORI STOP SINGING SO LOUD!!!") I love her kindness to her siblings, her inquisitive questions about life, her growing understanding of God's good grace, and for the fun she can have with so many "best friends". I love you Tori - have a great happy birthday!!



Chapman 6 said...


We love you


Don Box said...

Happy birthday sweet one! Papa Don

Brooks Inc. said...


Benjamin woke up htis mornign wanting to watch "Highsickle Musical" in your honor...What time is it? :)

Love you so !


Kendra said...

Tyler's first words this morning were, "It's Monday . . .it's Tori's birthday!!" We are so excited to celebrate your birthday with you this week, dear Tori, and are so thankful that we can be WITH you for your big day!!! Love you so very much!
Aunt K

JudyV said...

Happy Birthday week, Tori! What fun that you are spreading it out for a whole week!!

We are so proud of you, Tori. You have always been such a joy to be around. Your enthusiasm for things is amazing!

Have a supercalifragilisticexpealidocious birthday!

Nana and Papa

Beth P said...

Happy Birthday, Tori! The Plemons are glad you are here to celebrate your day with so many family and friends! Love you and your family!