Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving for our family was spent in Baird with the Jeffrey/Cardwell clan. We always enjoy time at the ranch but being here to celebrate Thanksgiving this year was extra special. As we drove out Wednesday night the traffic was thick and you could see the stacks of cars for as far as your eyes could see. My sweet husband said, "Isn't this great? We live in a country where everyone in the nation is trying to get home to family and spend time with people they love?" For years we have spent this day alone as a family and we do have many special memories from these times and yet our hearts truly overflow with joy at the experience of being in the same room with friends and family sharing great food and taking the time to reflect on goodness of God in 2007. We all felt a special blessing when the snowflakes began to fall and stick to the ground...the morning had started out cold but none of us expected the snow!!! The kids were beside themselves and had so much fun playing and building a snowman!

Friday afternoon we left Baird and drove straight into Fort Worth for the Parade of Lights and the Lighting of the Christmas tree. We were freezing cold and my arms were shaking from holding Jonathan and Lael for almost the entire time...and to be truthful little Lael was not enjoying herself, she was so cold. We did have fun being with Donny and Kendra and their precious boys, as well as the Yowell family!
The Christmas season has officially arrived!

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Kendra said...

Fun, fun times for sure . .. a smidge cold looking, but so fun!!! I love Randy's optimistic look on a crowded I20W departure on eve before Thanksgiving - such a "glass more than half full" type observation!!