Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brief preview of VFC

We have just finished an absolutely wonderful weekend with the Vaughn Family! I LOVE being a Vaughn and Christmas is always a blast full of memory making activities and this weekend was no exception! We have so many fun pictures and I will post more at some point during the the moment I am the only one awake and everyone else is WIPED out! I can't believe that tomorrow is Monday! practice...more Christmas shopping...sweet family coming to town....To quote my Mom at this point, I will say, "Yikers Bikers!"

A few reindeer games!

Our kids all know how to show their excitement in receiving gifts!!!


Brooks Inc. said...

So cute...I am glad you are a Vaughn too! It comes with awesome perks for me like getting to eat a piece of Donny's carrot cake...(which is the best) an many others! :)

Sure love you!


Kendra said...

Still grinning from all our fun this weekend . .CUTE pics!! You get the prize for being the first to get a post out about it for sure. Maybe someday I can get caught up - he! I think I'll start saying "Yikers Bikers" (or whatever it was - I'll review it again to make sure I get it right!!) - I need to get S to say that for me in person - made me giggle out loud just reading it and picturing her say it!!

mindy said...

Such great photos! Looks like the first Christmas back "home" went very well! Emily enjoyed her time with all of you and is so blessed by your kindness! Thanks for sharing your day with her!