Saturday, December 01, 2007

Proudest Moment!

Over the past 2 years Tori has initiated many conversations about baptism. They have included the full range of "whenever they pass out the Lord's supper, my stomach starts growling, so I'm ready to be baptized" this last week, "I never understood before the gap my sin placed between me and God." Tori Vaughn has such a tender heart and the past 3 weeks, the Lord has really been stirring in her heart. Randy and I both have enjoyed conversations and studying with her as she been exploring what it means to be a follower of Christ. She told me sometime in the past weeks, "Mom, I am ready to have my proudest moment ever!"

Tonight (Saturday night church) was the night. We had some sweet conversations and prayers this afternoon and also took some time to watch the video of my brother Andy's baptism that took place 15 years ago. That was so special!

At the end of service when Rick asked for anyone to come forward who was willing to put on Christ, we were making our way out of the aisle and heading down front.
Randy had the great joy of speaking to the church about Tori and then everyone heard her sweet confession before she was baptized. What a moment we will never forget.

After church we gathered at a Pizza place with family that was in town and a few special friends. We had a time of speaking blessing and words of encouragement and then some prayer time for Tori. Tori even received 2 very special prayers from her cousin Tyler and cousin Payton.

I am sharing these pictures because I want others to share in our joy and they are the only ones I have on my camera. However, I know there will be more pictures to come that will be more reflective of all of those special people who shared this night with us! Aunt Kendra was busy snapping pictures with her camera and Uncle Donny was snapping pictures with mine. Uncle Tony Brooks had the video camera going, capturing every moment. I am so thankful they were doing this for us. My parents were there and so was Uncle Andy! We were certainly missing those in our family who could not be with us.

Our hearts are full.

Beth and Kelly, here again to share an unforgettable moment!!!

Payton is praying for Tori in this picture


Cheryl said...

Praise the Lord! Blessings on you, Tori as you continue on this wonderful adventure with your King! He will never fail you.
So happy for all of you!!!

Brooks Inc. said...

It was such a wonderful night. We were bursting with love all night...we had so much fun today at lunch today talking about the highlights of such a great evening!

We sure love you Tori! Our precious sister in Christ!

Happiest anniversary to you Vaughns...It all started 12 years ago today! Sheer greatness!


jaime s said...

We are so happy for you, Tori and welcome you into an amazing family of believers!!

We love you!

Kendra said...

Great night . . .great example to my boys as well. Thank you, Tori, for being open to the call of Christ on your life and for leading while little eyes are watching your every move. I love having you to point their little eyes to Christ! So very proud of you . . Aunt K

Jill said...

Missing these unforgettable moments is the saddest thing about not being at RHCC. I know you can relate.

This brings back memories of a few years back when my Grace made the decision to follow Jesus. I think she was probably the same age as Tori. What a great moment that was. How thankful I was that your parents were there with me, since my parents were unable to be there. I am so happy they were there to witness this moment.

We are rejoicing with you!!!!!!!