Monday, December 10, 2007

Citizenship, Anniversary, & Kids

Hey everyone, this is Randy for a change (thanks to Kelly for keeping us up-to-date on our blog...ever since our return from Africa, I think I've posted less than a handful of posts. Probably part of the re-entry phenomenon that we are still navigating so I still get an excuse.)

TODAY was another GLORIOUS DAY in our household....TODAY we received in the mail Lael's OFFICIAL certificate of citizenship!! (along with a standardized letter/computerized signature from the President...come on GWB, where's the personal touch on a historic moment for new citizens??!!...we're still big Bush fans, though!)

We were supposed to get this 45 days after our return...well it's been 5 LONG MONTHS and we had again to hassle with USCIS (Immigration) over some details involving her paperwork...then the documents getting sent to the wrong location...then the threatening letter from USCIS back in November that said if we didn't get the right papers to them that they would revoke her citizenship...YIKES! We overnighted the same documents TWICE and eventually, on Nov 28, we were informed that the NY office had indeed received the correct documents...and on Dec 6 her citizenship certificate was processed! (I'm being critical tonight...don't you think the certificate needs a design facelift! Guess since that's my line of work, I'm more picky, but how come the typed-in-words don't line up with the lines...this is SO pre-digital!...oh well)

(Also, for privacy, I've blurred certain important info, so that's why some areas look blank.)

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (Last Week) - several people have wondered if WE forgot our anniversary since we posted little or nothing about it (I can't remember and too lazy to go back to the archives). Kelly and I celebrated 12 wonderful years of marriage last Sunday (over 5000 days of love since we first met!)

Kelly and I love romance and we do special things for each other all the time. I love being married to my best friend! It makes every day great!! I say all this to preface the forthcoming shocker...

(no we're not pregnant)....

But on the day of our anniversary, we were (still are) in the middle of a big move to a new house and our life was (is) in an ever-improving disarray! We spent the entire day moving and moving more...all trying to manage the kids at the same time. Kelly's mom was great and volunteered to come help set up the kitchen. (Great job Suzy---still blessing us today!) Once the kids were in bed, Suzy stayed, continuing to help, while Kelly and I snagged an anniversary date. The funny part is, after 12 wonderful years of BLISS, we looked at each other at 8pm (and a full day of moving) and said, "I won't take a shower if you won't." So to celebrate our 12th anniversary, UNshowered on the day, we threw on at least some fresh clothes, and snagged a snack and a peppermint mocha at Starbucks and then headed for some shopping at Wal-Mart! Happy Anniversary Honey!! (oh, the freedoms after a 12 years of marriage!! ha ha ha)

Finally, without much captioning, I've posted some pictures of the kids in the backyard....(this was last week during the heat wave not today when it was in the 40s!) Timothy, especially, has loved this new toy boat, treating it like it was a bull and ropin' it. He's a great adventurous kid!


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Brooks Inc. said...

YEA! For completed adoption! Yea for 12 great years of marriage and for no showering before dates! Yea for the 4 cutest kids that live at your house! We love you all!