Sunday, February 03, 2008

About 2 months ago Randy and I heard about the "Hannah Montana 3D Concert Movie" that was coming to town for one week only (this week). We are not intense crazy fans but we do enjoy the Hannah Montana TV show when we have the chance to see it and we thought seeing the movie would be fun. Because of the Hannah hype we knew to buy tickets early and we felt more comfortable knowing the movie tickets were a set price. Randy bought the tickets for Tori and I just after Christmas and we chose not to tell Tori about it until today. This morning I told Tori that she and I were going to have a fun afternoon together and she was thrilled to hear what we were doing. We arrived to find out that this week the HM movie is completely sold out and we were "lucky" to have tickets. We walked right in and were still surprised when we saw the people lined up outside the doors of the theater. People had come hours earlier to make sure they were among the first to be let in so that they would have a good seat. Tori and I quickly realized we were the most relaxed in this group of intense Hannah Montana fans. Little girls and their mothers were all dressed up, many of them wearing pink or blond wigs. This was defintely an atmosphere that Tori and I are not accustomed too!! Once we were inside and seated in the theater, we were reminded by the employees that this is not a movie and that we were free to get up and dance and sing and enjoy the concert! The theater was full of screaming squealing little girls chanting Hannah! Hannah! Hannah! Tori was a bit reluctant which was fine with me!!:) We put on our 3D glasses and totally enjoyed the show! Although Tori preferred not to dance in the aisles, I did have the joy of hearing her sing along with all her heart, knowing all the words to all these songs. That was fun! I love hearing her sing. We had a great afternoon together enjoying something fun and this was a blessing for both of us. We are so thankful that Randy was persistent in finding out about the tickets and getting them early and that he gave Tori and I the treat of this time together. What a great Daddy he is!

When I got home, Randy immediately headed out the door to a SuperBowl party with friends. Tori, Timo, Jonathan, Lael and myself met my mom for dinner at Boston Market and then headed over to my parents house for some more playtime. We are back at home and getting ready for bed. This has been a full weekend and we are tired.

God is so good and his presence is so real. This weekend I have needed him to be directing my every step, thought, and conversation. He has been completely faithful. I encourage you to trust him more with whatever challenge you are facing. He is more than sufficient...but we never know if we do not place ourselves in situations where he can demonstrate this power. I feel so blessed to know him. Expect His blessing this week. Anticipate experiencing Him. He will not dissapoint.


Shelly said...

Hey Kelly! The concert sounds like some crazy fun! I enjoyed this entry a lot. I feel like lately Hayley is being disciplined more than she is not. : ( It made me want to stay consistent and strong throughout these little girl years so that I can enjoy her in her older girl years. Not that Tori is "old" or that I don't enjoy Hayley now---I think you know what I mean. : )

Amanda (Mallette) Aslin from church did my blog all on her own. She has started a company and I have it as a link on my blog now. You should check it out. She's awesome!

Donna said...

What a great memory you and your daughter will always have together. :) I too enjoy it when my daughter and I can do special things together. The mom/daughter is a very special bond.