Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Kelly!!

I love my wife so very much. I am crazy about her for more reasons than I can count. But I had to share a few here (think of this as Randy climbing up and shouting it out from the rooftop - I am not going to literally do that because of safety reasons).

Our kids absolutely adore their mother! When she walks in the door, after being away for even an hour, they run to her with arms open wide and cannot get enough hugs and kisses! They love their Momma and they love to shower her with love (I think she's been a very good example of that to them!) While making sure their clothes match every morning can never be underrated (honestly, it's the job I do the worst in our family), outfitting our children is hardly on the radar when I think of remarkable things that Kelly does for the kids. She makes each one feel loved and special. She speaks to them in ways that I never do (well, don't do enough). She is firm and yet always aware that her words have power and influence. I love watching the ways she praises the kids and the ways she touches the heart of every one of our kids. She has this incredible sense of knowing exactly what they need (I tend to bark alot).

At this time in our life, we are enjoying a family dynamic that might not work for other couples, but it's what we both love. Kelly absolutely loves her job with Christian Homes and Family Services...I mean, can you imagine a better job for Kelly than one that is focused on adoption!?!! She is a perfect fit and I know all of her team at CHFS knows that (you guys are great to work with!!) She is so good at speaking to groups about the adoption story and she is already proving that she is an incredible voice of hope to potential adoptive parents. But I can tell you that Kelly's servant spirit is never more clear and her mercy and compassion are quietly the most evident when she is working with birth mothers. I am so proud of the stories I hear and the words that I hear come from her mouth when she is interacting with these young ladies. While others may continue to stare with condemnation, Kelly gently reminds these often frightened and confused young women of the profound maturity of their decision to make the best choice for their child. The world continues to tell these ladies to shrug the maturity but Kelly and the CHFS team (and other adoption advocates) certainly provide a voice of hope. I'm proud that we are affiliated with CHFS and I love that Kelly is in the job she is in!

Kelly enjoys a unique model with CHFS that permits both of us to work based out of our home. We love it! We both live a full day juggling work (in and out of the house) and 4 kids - but we can't imagine it any other way. We 100% share in every responsibility that we enjoy as parents. This is totally fun and exhausting at the same time! And while I get my marketing company off the ground, I am so thankful that Kelly is not only willing to work, but she loves what she does. Honestly, if she didn't do what she does, I could not be enjoying the joy of launching a lifelong dream. That thrills me and I am so grateful for the provision that God is giving our family. I know Kelly enjoys her profession so much, but I also know she would be great in any role (paid or unpaid) where she is serving, speaking and demonstrating love, hope and mercy.

I am continually thankful for my wife's faith. While this year of transition has stretched and challenged our faith more than any other year in recent memory, we both know that the preceding years of solid faith-building experiences are helping us through these days. I love it that Kelly lives her life completely, fully connected to the Lord. She is authentic in her struggles and deep in her commitment to pressing on. We enjoy the blessing of walking with God!

ALSO - I can announce to everyone that Kelly has been chosen as this year's FORT WORTH CHRISTIAN Alumnus of the Year!! I'm so proud of her and we will celebrate this recognition at FWC's Celebration Dinner on March 28 (2 days after Kelly's BD!)

Happy Valentine's Day Kelly !! I am the most blessed man in the land...actually as we say (since it was the walking-down-the-aisle-as-we-were-pronounced-husband-&-wife-song), I am still the Lucky One!



Brooks Inc. said...

Woohoo! So proud of proud of Randy! So glad the Lord brought you two together!

Can't wait to bring my airhorn to the Celebration dinner to blow when Kelly is announced as alumnus of the year! :)


***You could do another whole post on why Kelly won it...What a woman!

Donny said...

That's great!! Woo-hoo!!!! Well deserved Kelly. We love you both so much!