Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Sweet Valentine

I had a wonderful Valentine's Day!!! I am married to my Sweetheart....I am absolutely crazy about him. He is my best friend. It is so rare that we have time to ourselves, just the two of us. I can't remember the last time that we had a real date...we always talk about wanting this to happen and we have just not been able to work it out....well a sweet blessing came our way!!!

On this day we were given the sweetest gift by some very very special to go to a very nice restaurant and the best most fun childcare....we were so supremely blessed and so were our kids. Later in the day, I received from my sweet husband a special delivery of chocolate strawberries...unfortunately, everyone was happy to share these with me!


Beth P said...

I like the new blog's a sign of new things to come! I meant to comment on Randy's post about you FWC Alumnus award...congratulations, friend! You are most deserving. Missed seeing you over the weekend, but I remember you saying it was going to be action packed! How were the Gaithers? Was it worth a post?!
Some day we will get our crews together and have some playtime. Love you much! Beth

vicki said...

You both have such wonderful sweethearts to share Valentine's Day with! Love the pix. What precious happy kids!!