Thursday, February 28, 2008


Thank you so much for your prayers for the family that I mentioned in the previous post and for your words of encouragement and prayers for me. Keep them coming! This morning was declared a protect my mental health day! A day to just stop and take a moment to get my house back in order and to let my mind be free. It has been a day of blessing and enjoying my sweet children and my heart is thankful. We played up at the church and then over at my mom's house for awhile. I got in some much needed sister time with Becky. I am hoping we can do some more of this tomorrow!!! I am very thankful for the flex-schedule that Christian Homes provides, which allows me to take some time to regroup before diving back in. They are such a wonderful agency and I am so honored to be serving with them.


Kendra said...

I think sister time always makes life better - at least for me it does! Glad you are a little more rested, refreshed and hanging with your precious ones. I'm going to finish packing up and head out of town with MY sis tomorrow! Yea!Love you -

Shelly said...

Hi Kelly--
First of all, I love the new look! Amanda does such a great job on these things! I also love your playlist. I've had it playing for awhile this morning! : )

I was playing catch up on your blog and my heart is so heavy after your last post. I can't imagine how emotionally taxing that is for you. I'm so thankful you were able to see her and give her such encouraging words and to pray over her. It's just so heartbreaking--she made the choice to give life and in the process to lose her own. . .breaks my heart. I know the Lord is using you in mighty ways--that you aren't even aware of.

Saying a prayer for all affected by her loss. Also praying for you today---to be encouraged and feel refreshed and feel more and more "at home." I can't imagine how difficult it would be to transition cultures!! It's hard enough to transition to a new home a few miles down the road! Hope you have a good weekend!

mindy said...

Your last post moved me to tears. I told Christine how very sad I was for this mom, but I can't imagine anything sweeter than having Kelly Vaughn praying for you as you pass into the next life. You are changing lives...just as you did in Benin. Even though the cultures are different, God is using you here in same mighty way He used you there. I am thankful to call you friend, and to have the blessing of the Vaughn children in my life!

Cheryl said...

I have been praying for you so much. Mindy's comment made me cry. How sweet and precious you are, Kelly, to all you minister to.
May God sustain and renew in His entirely perfect way. Love you so much--

(PS Our furlough is during the summer months...I'll email, but would LOVE to be together with you and let our kids meet, especially the girls!)