Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lael's new hair

For three hours last Thursday night, Lael sat patiently while her hair was done in braids all over her head. It was amazing to observe and precious to see...because Lael was loving it. A very kind Kenyan woman whom I have recently met, said she would come to my house and do this for Lael. As I sat there for those 3 hours with Lael, my heart was aching missing Laurance, my best Aja friend in Benin. For as long as Lael has been with us, Laurance was the one to fix her hair and we used to sit together and talk while she would bring some personality to Lael's hair!
Lael loves her new hair and has had a lot of fun this weekend showing it off and hearing sweet affirmations from her siblings and cousins.

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Jacinda said...

Her hair looks precious! I think it makes her look older. I am always amazed at the time & detail that goes into a hair style like that-beautiful!