Sunday, March 30, 2008

This week has been so wonderful. Friday night was such a special evening. I received the Alumnus of the Year award from Fort Worth Christian at their Celebration Dinner. Having Randy, Tori and Timothy, my parents, Randy's parents, Becky, Tony, Sam, Emille, Andy and Jessica there with me on this evening added to the sweet blessings.

I have enjoyed the opportunity to be reflecting on my years at Fort Worth Christian and the shaping of my spiritual foundation that took place over the years through a tapestry of teachers and friends and special memories. God worked through it all to pursue me and mold me into someone that wanted to follow hard after him. I was blessed to have teachers that captured opportunites as I shared windows into my life. I had teachers that were not shy about speaking boldly into my life, giving me direction and showing me where I could find courage. These teachers reaffirmed to me the authentic faith that I saw at home through my parents and encouraged me to grow spiritually, as well as academically and through extra curricular activities.
Below are some of my very special teachers who were at the dinner on Friday night.
Barbara Treat, who taught me French for three years, and who was the first to show me on the globe that there were West African countries where French was spoken, MaryAnn Felps who was my High School English teacher, who set the bar high and encouraged me and challenged me in wonderful ways, Kelly Cawyer, my 7th grade Biology teacher and Basketball coach,Carol Brownlow, my eighth grade Bible teacher, precious precious!!,and Sweet Lena Nelson, my cross-country coach who loves me dearly and pushed me to do things I thought I could not do. She loves to take credit for teaching me to persevere through hard things!! I love these women and I am so thankful for their influence in my life. These are the ones who were there on Friday night. There are even more teachers that are a part of my testimony ... and I thank God for them every time they come to my mind!

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