Sunday, March 02, 2008

Happy Birthday Jonathan

We celebrated Jonathan's third birthday with a small family was perfect! Randy made Jonathan's cake and it was cute and very deceptively delicious!!! He added sweet potatoes to the mix and it was sooo good!!!
Presents, cake and cousins!

Jonathan brings so much joy to our lives. He is tender and gentle. He loves people. He loves to hug and even when he is hurt, he is usually the first to want to hug and say he is sorry. He loves to laugh. He loves to talk to God. He keeps me on my toes. He is curious about everything and many times that has already led him into trouble. I am thankful for angels that prompt me or others like cousin Pate to go and look for Jonathan when we have not seen him in the last five minutes. There is always a reason for those promptings!!! He challenges me. He does not respond to the same ways of parenting that Tori and Timothy did and this has had Randy and I seeking the Lord for wisdom on a daily basis as we seek to train his sweet heart to obey and respond to us quickly when we speak to him. He is so precious and this little person can move me to tears in a heartbeat I love him so much.

His middle name, Ruisseau, is the French word for river or stream. Psalm 36:8 says that "we feast on the abundance of your house O Lord and we drink from your river of delights." I believe that Jonathan is a refreshing drink from the Lord's river of delights. It is our prayer that Jonathan will know the Lord at an early age, that he will taste that Living Water and that streams of life will flow from him.

What a joy to celebrate his life yesterday and to be here with family to share in that celebration! Jonathan you are dearly loved. Your a treasure!


Brooks Inc. said...

I sure love that Jonathon...reading our words about him this morning brought tears to my eyes...We aer so thankful that out of the 6 billion roaming this earth the Lord looked down and chose to put him in our family!

He is a delight to us...


***and that cake was awesome! Randy's talents never cease to amaze.

Brooks Inc. said...

Reading YOUR words about him brought tears to my eyes...did not want to mislead you into thinking Tony and I had written anything incredibly moving! :)


Greg Bailey said...

Happy birthday Jonathan!

Donny said...

I had a great time being a part of sweet Jonathan's big day!! He's such a great kid!!