Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Fabulous Reason to Get Away!

Laura (Rich) and Eric Daulton gave Randy and I a wonderful reason to get out of town for about 30 hours last weekend! They got married!! Laura was an intern from ACU in the summer of 2000 and she stayed with our family in Benin. Back then it was just Randy and I with Tori! Things have certainly changed....through it all we have enjoyed staying in touch with Laura and we were thrilled with the opportunity to be at her wedding...which was so amazingly beautiful! We loved every minute...and we were so surprised to see Aunt Vicki and Uncle Jim there!!! Turns out they go to the same church in Dallas and Vicki has substituted for Laura on occasion where she teaches...too cool and so fun to have this time with Aunt Vic. Did I mention that Randy and I were ALONE for this trip? We honestly do not have a memory of this much time just to ourselves in the past several years!!! Thanks to the generousity of Uncle Donny and Aunt Kendra who took on our 4 plus their 3, Randy and I a super special treat. We spent Saturday night in San Antonio and walked the RiverWalk. The entire weekend was so special. I don't think I have ever hugged Donny and Kendra as tight as I did Sunday night. Thank you guys again for the gift! We were blessed!

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vicki said...

It really was a wonderful weekend, and we were delighted to spend quality time with the Vaughns, so our thanks to Uncle Donny and Aunt Kendra as well!!