Saturday, June 28, 2008

Camp Revolution Has Begun!

Today was definitely a first in our family!
Tori has gone to camp! She and I had a great night last night getting her things together and again this morning...we went for a late morning breakfast before we left with friends and headed to camp. I asked her what she was thinking about camp and she said, "I'm real excited, pretty nervous, and a tiny bit sad about leaving you." I thought that was a great answer! Nice to know that it is at least a tiny bit hard to leave me!! We drove the 2 and 1/2 hours to camp with good friends, Kelly and Maddie, and Aimee and Cassidy! The girls talked and giggled the whole way and we moms had plenty to talk and laugh about too! It was fun. I am glad we made the drive out there because the camp looked beautiful and place where a lot of fun can happen!
We are praying it will be a time of sweet memories made and a time for our girls to be challenged and encouraged . Tori was laughing and having so much fun. She walked into this situation with no hesitation. In a great way that was good for my heart.

The girls with Ms. Patty (Sweet Friend and Camp Director)

With Lindsey Neal, Camp Counselor

How could I love her more?

For some reason we are bending over. Maybe because Tori was taking our picture!
I love these 2 moms! Great to have good friends who have 9 year old girls!
We love our daughters and are so excited about what is ahead for them in the next few days!
Pray for Tori, Maddie and Cassidy this week!


Boim Lebon said...

hi blog hopping here form have nice blog...:D :D

Donny - MarketingTwin #2 said...


Not sure who the first commenter is (yikes!! HA) but I wanted to say what a fun period of life Tori is in right now. I look forward to the day that Tyler, Colby and Brady reach the age of going on church retreats and making special memories with friends and hopefully some cousins in there!! We have a great church!!!