Friday, June 20, 2008

The FINAL Ceremony

Our kids have heard us say many times over the last 2 years, "This is the last thing that we have to do to make Lael's adoption final." Only for us to learn soon after making that statement that there is in fact, something else for us to do. That will not happen again. Today sealed the deal in Texas, although she has been sealed into the hearts of our family since the day her grandmother placed her in my arms in front of our home in Benin on August 19, 2005. Since that day a peace settled deep into our family... we are complete with her here in our home. We all know it. I will never forget that first night seeing Tori and Timothy reach their arms out to hold her. Their love was instant. She was the sister that Tori had always wanted and she was Timo's Sweetie Pie. And Jonathan...well he just thinks she has always been here...they are so close that it seems like they are twins...if they are not together, then they are looking for each other.
Today, in front of a judge, each member of our family was asked to raise our right hand and tell the truth....Are we willing to commit to Lael forever as a family? YES!!!The Judge asked Tori and Timothy, individually if they were ready to accept Lael as their sister and give her all the rights and privileges of being their sister forever? They both could not get their yes out fast enough and they both tried to expand on why they already loved her so much! Randy and I were both asked individually if we were willing to commit to being Lael's Mother and Father, to accept all responsibility for her, to love and to cherish her and to raise her as our own forever? Yes Yes Yes! These were things we all knew to be true and today it was a privilege and honor to speak it again out loud from the depths of our heart.
When we returned to our home, there was a banner across our front porch, placed there by a dear friend. I was overcome with emotion as I read it. It quoted Isaiah 49:1-2, "Before I was born, the Lord called me. From my birth He has made mention of my name." and Philippians 1:6, "He who began a great work in you will be faithful to complete it!"
The Lord is good. We have experienced his Faithfulness over and over again. He has led us this far. He will take us farther.

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jaime s said...

Awesome! I've LOVED reading Lael's story as it slowly unfolded. (confessing a faster unfolding would've been my choice) What a joy for me to know this "really" last step occurred on my birthday!!

I would love to see Lael's entire story in print someday!!

Becky Reeves said...

How wonderful,Kelly! Praise God!! And how sweet to have the banner left with such wonderful verses on your door. Your story and Lael's story are such an inspiration to me. I just have such praise in my heart to God for what He has done in you and your family! Much love!

Brooks Inc. said...

4 incredible kids...So thankful that the Lord chose Lael for this family! We could not love more!


vicki said...

This touches my heart so profoundly! We are so blessed that you have the means to communicate with pictures and words filled with wisdom and openness and vulnerability. The Lord is good and He uses you to urge us to praise Him more. Bless your sweet spirit and every member of your precious fam! And it sure was good to see you at the wedding in beautiful Boerne!! Let's get together again soon! Aunt VG

Hailey Paige said...

Lael is such a blessing to the whole family. God gave this family an amazing little girl.
I love you all so much
hailey paige

Way More Homemade said...

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Amen and amen, friend.

Kristi said...

Yeah Congrats, my beautiful family!!!!!