Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Village of Hope

Below are pictures from our last visit to Village of Hope! Hover over each picture to see the caption.
We are sure beginning to anticipate our next visit.
We have been receiving checks daily and are close to our goal.
Would you consider participating in this time of blessing for these children?
Watch the following slideshows and then go here to find out how you can help!

Here's a 2nd slide show with more recent pictures sent to us by the Director of VOH himself this summer! Hover over each picture to see the caption.

Look here to see a video of our last days in Benin with the people we love!

Thank you to the many who are giving generously! May the Lord return the blessing and fill your heart with joy! Expect his blessing! We will have a great testimony to share when we return!

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vicki said...

Kelly, I love your blog! It never fails to inspire and uplift! I had not realized that Lael had had the surgery, so am glad to hear she is doing so well. And congrats on the well-behaved doggie. Don't know what you spent, but it was worth it!!
Received the note of thanks from Rachel, thanks to BJB, and again was so blessed by her precious comments about our "Baby Ted". You are one "Worthy Woman," Little Missy!! Your example empowers others all around you...much love to you and yours!