Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Pause

The last 24 hours have been a welcomed pause from the busyness and emotion of the past few weeks. I have been involved in some situations over the past month, through my line of work, as well as personally, that have been very emotionally draining. Trying to balance a full time job, while at the same time trying to manage a life as full time mom to four precious children and wife to an amazing man has been somewhat challenging to say the least. There have been many days lately where I have been so tired when I have returned home that I seriously have a hard time keeping my eyes open. I have been very thankful for the grace that surrounds me and for the very literal help from Randy, my parents, my sister, and someone who has been such a help and blessing to my family this summer, Savannah Shelton! She has been helping me with my kids 3 days a week and we all love her so much!!

With my job I am blessed to have a Flex-schedule. I have a job to do and I get it done around the needs of my family. Most of the time it works out that way. I am with them and get them where they need to be in between appointments or writing reports. A lot of work takes place as soon as they are in bed each night! When it doesn't work out that way, I am so thankful for the flexibility of others that are able to step in to help my family. I have said a lot, all leading to my original point that I have off today and tomorrow!! And I love some catch up quality time with my children! Last night I was able to meet up with my mom and sister, with Tori and we all had a blast getting pedicures! Thank you Mom!!! And we had some great relaxed conversation afterwards at Starbucks sitting outside! Today, with the help of Savannah and her brother Scott, we (me and 4 sweet kids) went to a local water park and met up with Becky and her boys! It was SO much fun! You can see by the picture below that it was even relaxing for Jonathan. This picture was taken as we were preparing to go and I had been in the midst of changing him into some dry clothes. I got distracted with something else and he decided to grab my diet coke and wait patiently for me! Tomorrow morning we are going to Pate and Benj's birthday party and then who knows what? I have the day off! There is no telling what we will do but we will be enjoying each other!

Savannah with J and L


MarketingTwins-Randy said...

Love these kids!! Jonathan is such a handsome boy - and that one of him lounging with his drink in hand is hysterical!

-Their Dad

Jan Kelley said...

so happy for you and i know how precious the times off when you are able to devote yourself to "mothering" happy for your helpful freinds adn family and the jobs you do ....thanks for taking the time to post these pictures... they prove that all are having a great time....i love you all

Kendra said...

I LOVE this one of J - too cute. "Pause" is a nice thing in life - necessary and nice. I'm currently enjoying one myself at a familiar place to both of us . . .nice!