Wednesday, July 30, 2008

An Assortment of Fun Moments

These pictures are from Pate and Benj's birthday party last Friday! What a great time of celebrating 2 of our very favorite boys! And then Friday night we welcomed Tyler, Colby and Brady Vaughn to our house for a cousin sleepover! It was alot of fun, playing baseball, running through the sprinkler, watching a movie and just hanging out together. You can also catch a glimpse of our newly trained Noel "just sitting observing the fun"! Good job Noel! We are so proud of her!

Sunday night Lael and I took Tori to Paw and Precious' house. Tori spent the night there so that she could leave on the early flight to Washington DC with my mom. They have gone to spend the week with Uncle Sam and Aunt Emille and 2 of our all time favorite girls Bailey and Brylee. Lucky girls!! We all wish we were able to join them for this trip!

Tonight we did the prep work on Lael's hair for a new do tomorrow!! This took a full tedious hour of work unbraiding each braid! In her amazing way, she sat patiently while I removed each one. I am not kidding! This is an amazing little girl!


Brooks Inc. said...

this is one of my favorite series of much cuteness contained in one post~

Sure love you all!


Kendra said...

I felt horribly out of touch with your fam . I'm sure glad to be able to "catch up" with you via blog world!! ha! I LOVE Lael's new do - she is just so super cute with any kind of hair!