Monday, July 07, 2008

Making Every Moment Count!

The morning started with a parade in my brother's neighborhood. We drove into Abilene with my parents, from Baird and brought 3 small 4 wheelers. Andy and Jessica brought decorations and face paint, and my parents provided lots of flags! It was fun, it was hot and the walk was long. Even so, it was an honor to walk carrying the flag. More than once as we passed people sitting in their lawn chairs in their front yards, older men stood as the flag passed by. This brought tears to my eyes. (Click on pictures to make them larger)

After the parade, we went to Whataburger and got some cool drinks! Then my parents took our 3 little ones and Tori went with us to the hospital to see our dear friends and former team mates in Benin, Greg and Melanie Bailey. Melanie gave birth to their 4th child, a son, James Gregory on July 3rd. It was such a blessing to be close enough to share the joy of this moment with them! Tori was especially happy to see their girls, Jessica, Faith and Hope!
Wonderful friends!
Then it was back to the ranch for SO much fun!
We made homemade ice cream with the ice cream maker that Sam and Emille gave us a couple of years ago. You put all of the ingredients in the maker that is kind of like a ball and then roll it back and forth for about 30 minutes. That was fun for the big and little kids!
Notice Lael and Jessica in the same shirt! Lael thought that was so cool!

That evening we drove back into Abilene and found the perfect spot to watch the fireworks!
Saturday night we had fun with some sparklers after dark and Sunday we had more fun riding 4 wheelers, eating watermelon and being in the sun!
It was a great time!
Fun, relaxing and no better way to have quality time with our kids. We all needed that time together and are blessed this week already because we stopped and made those moments count. Thank you Lord!


Chapman 6 said...

What an awesome weekend, thanks for the pictures.

WE miss you guys


Monica said...

What a fun holiday and family time!! A family parade how fun!! Great idea Vaughns. It sure has been great having you guys back this past year.

Jan Kelley said...

i finally figured out what i was dong wrong in not getting my comments on the space......thanks tons for taking the time to publish all of these pictures....i enjoyed talking to you so much on the fourth while you all were in the finishing stges of w wonderful time with family and your friends the Baileys....i love you all so much and am always "gifted" by the words and the pictures you share on your blog.....I LOVE YOU ALL.....jan

Beverly Ross said...

Looks like great fun! Love the pics! It was so awesome to see you last month! Love you, Girlfriend!